Monday, October 27, 2008

Marathon Pictures!!!

This is me AFTER the race!  26.2 miles...I still can't believe that I actually finished!!

Some funny highlights of the day.....

At about 2 miles into the race a guy passed me who was running and juggling at the same time!!!  Yes, I said juggling.  He and I were near each other for most of the race until about 20 miles when he took off.  He totally beat me!

At about 4 miles 2 guys passed me who were barefooted!!!  They flew by me and I never saw them again!

At about 5 miles I passed the oldest man I've ever seen run.  He must've been 80 years old.  I could not believe that he had been ahead of me for five miles!!!

During miles 5-10 I was hanging with 2 gay guys who were speedwalking.  They were the fastest walkers I've ever seen.  When I asked them what their pace was they said 12.5 minutes/mile.  I was running next to them to keep up!

At 10 miles I saw Bri & the kids for the first time since the starting line.  My little buddy was holding a sign that said "Run Forrest Run" with a line through Forrest & Mom written next to it.

At 14 miles a guy passed me who was running backwards!  I told him he was really making me feel bad.  I asked him if he'd been running backwards the whole race.  He said, no he hadn't been...he'd also walked backwards for some of it!  :)  Later in the race, I passed him and I ended up finishing way before him!!  Ha! Take that...Backwards Running Guy!

For miles 15-17 my sister, Kris came on the course and ran with me!!!  I love her!

Between miles 15 & 19 I saw my family and friends lots of times.  It was so encouraging for me.  They are the best!!!!

At mile 19.5 I "Beat the Bridge!!"  The runners had to be at the 14th street bridge by 1:15PM or else they were not allowed to finish.  Those who were cut off had to ride busses back to the finish line.  I did not want to be on that bus!

I got to the bridge about an hour before the cutoff time!!!  I was thrilled!!! This was when I knew that I was going to finish the marathon.

Miles 22-25 were absolute killers!  My entire body wanted me to STOP.

At mile 26.2 I crossed the finish line!!!!  My family & friends were cheering me on from the bleachers.

A Marine put a medal around my neck.

Finishing the marathon was one of the best moments of my life.

I also want to thank all of you who cheered me on at home.  It helped so much to know so many of you were getting the texts of my splits and watching my little dot move on the map like I was Harry Potter!

Here are a whole bunch of pictures...starting with the night before the race.

This was the Team in Training Pasta Party.  We were all there except Charlie...he was with Gma & Gpa.

Here are the kids with their arms around Charlie's empty seat.

My gear....ready to go...the night before.

5:45AM...getting ready to leave!!

Just practicing!  :)

Oh yea, here's my #....don't forget it!

One of the starting tunnels....and the gun that started the race.

The starting line....look at all the people!

Here I am walking up to the starting was freezing before the race.  

This is me saying hello & goodbye to B & the kids about 2 minutes before starting.  I threw off the gloves & coat about 1 and a half miles into it.

Here is a really gross picture of me running.  I am at mile 10 here.

Bri was my gatorade refill guy along the race....they provided drinks, but I also brought my own.

Here is the sign...isn't it cute???

This is me & my sister Kris running together.  She has on the grey sweats.

Here I am on the final approach.
Thank God!

Just about to cross the finish line.

Me & my medal!!!!!!

Bri & me....I love him.  He was so proud of me.

The whole biggest supporters.

Part of the gang at the finish line.  I love you all!!


Jennie said...

Great pictures and once again GREAT job! That really is amazing and something I can't even begin to imagine doing. We're all so proud of you! I hope your knee is feeling better today.

Kelly said...

I found your blog via Mikki!! Congrats on the marathon!! I have once "thought" about that and then quickly came back reality!! :o) Great job!!

Kelsey said...

This is hilarious! I'm so happy for you!! CONGRATS!!!!!!

p.s. You look great when you're kidding. Those are GOOOD pictures :)

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I'm just completely in awe of you. YOu GO girl!!!

Ashley said...

What a major accomplishment! I love your run down of the race. I am big time nervous about mine. Ooooo - I hope I can finish!

Liz said...

It's official. You are my hero. I just started running again this month and am only up to 2 miles. :)

CaraBee said...

I am just so impressed that you did this! The pictures are great! I can't believe some guy ran backwards. People really are crazy.

Under the Florida Sun said...

You look great! I'm happy if I get 30 minutes on the Wii Fit done..

So proud of you!

jodie said...

I'm speechless. I know this is going to sound weird but reading this actually made me cry! What an accomplishment! I can't imagine how YOU felt!

Joy in the Burbs... said...

I am so impressed. You inspire me. I'm in my 40's and just starting to run a little. I can't believe how good you looked at the end. Just like you did at the beginning. That's amazing.

Kathi said...

For all of you just starting to run...that was sooo me last year...a year ago I could only run 2 houses down the street. (I'm not making that up either!) Stick with'll see results.

Jodie, you are so sweet. When I got to the bridge and found out that I had made it I was so excited. As it dawned on me that I was really going to do finish...I wanted to cry to. It is so rare that I've ever done anything like that just for myself...and to realize that I was actually going to do it totally choked me up. I am so glad that I was able to do it.

Wep said...

My SIL runs marathons. Husband and I LOVE to chase her and take pics! Awesome job!

Anonymous said...

Kathi - I'm so proud of you! What an accomplishment. You have inspired me!

Megan Kelley Hall said...

Thanks for entering the Mabel's House contest to win my debut suspense novel, SISTERS OF MISERY! Even if you don't win, I hope you get a chance to read and enjoy it!

Megan Kelley Hall

P.S. Happy Halloween!!
P.P.S. Congrats on the marathon. What an accomplishment!! Very impressive!

Tracy P. said...

Wowee!!!! Congratulations!! You documented this beautifully. My decrepit knees bow to you. :-)