Saturday, January 24, 2009

Smiles for the week!

Little Buddy:  (On a night where we were having baked chicken for dinner...) I don't like this kind of chicken.  I only like old chicken that's been dead for about 5 years. How long has this chicken been dead??

Little Buddy:  (Later in the week, when we were having chicken patty on roll, tater tots, and tribute to Elem school lunch!)  This is the best dinner you've ever made.  You should cook like this all the time!

Me:  (While watching the Steelers/Ravens Playoff game)  I can't believe the Ravens are wearing short sleeves!  They are gonna freeze.

The Champ:  Please Mom, they are men.  Men don't get cold.

and my favorite......

My Girl:  (to me and Brian)  I'm fifteen, I know everything there is to know.   :) 

Monday, January 19, 2009

Computers and a Prayer

Isn't the power of technology incredible??   Generally, technology and myself are not a good match.  It's kind of like oil and water.  When it comes to the computer, I've had a love/hate relationship with it.  Mostly hate. I love the endless possibilities but hate that I really don't know how to do much other than email. Seriously, until two years ago I didn't even know how to upload my digital pictures on to it!!!  All of my precious family memories were trapped on memory cards....when one would get full, I'd go to WalMart and by a new one.  Sad?? I know!
Thankfully, some friends showed me the light one evening when I confessed that I had about 15 memory cards, and I've been uploading ever since!  

Excel???? Powepoint???? You scare me!
Let's just say that when the computer isn't working right, I'm the kind of girl that turns it off and hopes it will get better by "resting."  

Over the past year and a half something has happened thanks to the computer, that I never would have thought possible.  I have made some wonderful friends and reconnected with old friends.

Have you met a friend over the computer???  

Last year I was the team Mom for my daughters cheerleading squad.  As part of my "duties" I had to update the parents through email.  Often I'd do this late at night after 11PM when everyone was asleep.   Many times one Mom would be up and email me right back.  I'd email her back.  We just connected instantly.  We talked about raising teens, lice, friends, even death. We never met each other because she wasn't able to attend the games.  After a few months of emailing each other she finally came over to my house.  When she pulled up and got out of the car, we just hugged each other. It was so nice to finally meet in person.   (Of course my kids thought it was pretty dorky.... they call her my email friend.)   We've stayed friends, done lunch,  and she was one of my biggest encouragers about running in the marathon this past fall.

This year I joined facebook.  Talk about a mind boggling experience.  Let's just say that if you join facebook you will be reconnected with people that you've known through every stage of your life.  It is the new version of "This is your life." Everyone from people you went to elementary school with, sorority sisters, past co-workers, family members, to friends and neighbors that your close with today. It is so strange to see them all listed side by side on one computer screen.

About a year and a half ago, I started this blog.  My sole intention was to update my friends and family on my kids.  As time passed I connected with other women and got to know them and their stories through their blogs.  I like to think of it as the new way for Mom's to connect.   When my Mom and Grandma had their kids, most Moms didn't work outside the home.  They'd get together and share stories, recipes, laugh & cry together.   I like to think that in a way, the blog kind of replaces the over the fence talk of generations past.   

I've met many women through my blog. Including a few that go to my church.  One friend that I met used to go to my church and had moved to Florida and started blogging.  We read each others blogs and finally got a chance to meet in person this fall.  How cool is that?  There have been many friends I've met that either have a blog that I started reading or who've somehow stumbled across mine.  It is always so neat to meet them in real life.

Then there are those people that I've yet to meet in real life.  This is one.  Her name is Kelly and right now she can use our prayers.  After battling infertility she got pregnant and just gave birth to her first baby, a girl named Harper. Harper was born at 40 and a half weeks and is in critical condition right now in Tulsa. She is having problems with her lungs and her heart. She can give you the details better than I, so if you have a few minutes go over to her site and read about her.  If you could stop what you're doing right now and say a quick prayer, I know it'd be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy 9th Bday!!!

At the beginning of the month my Little Buddy turned 9 years old!!!
It is soooooo hard to believe.  How can my baby be that old??  Next year, he'll be in double digits!!!  That is just wrong!

It's funny because I think he'll always be my baby. Even when he's 20, 30 or 40.  It's just something about that youngest kid.

There are 4 years between him and his brother.  For a long time we thought we'd only have 2 kids.  When we decided to have a third, it was so exciting.  We were older, wiser (so we thought..Ha!) and had a little more money.
We really focused on each stage and tried to enjoy it.  We tried to just be in the moment.

So, now he is 9!!!
He is such a cool kid.  
His sense of humor is incredible.
He loves sports.
He has unlimited energy. 
He loves to read.
He loves God.
He loves his family.

Here are some pics from our celebration at Medievil Times.  He has been wanting to go there for a couple of years.
(It's a little pricey, but they have some really good deals online if you want to go.)
It was a lot of fun!!

I love you and am so glad that I'm your Mom!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Your smile for the day!!

Remember Evolution of Dance??  Well he's BAAAACK!!

Check out Evolution of Dance 2!!  Love this guy!!  Enjoy!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas 2008

Well another Christmas has come and gone. What a wonderful break from the craziness that is our normal life. The kids were off of school for two weeks!!

We did a lot and we did nothing.

We stayed up late and we slept in.

We visited with family and spent time with friends.

We played games, watched movies and just spent time being together and being in the moment.

Dakota, the Christmas Doggie!!

The kids decorated Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve....a tradition in our house.

We dyed My Girl's hair back to it's natural color that morning.

Doesn't she look great??

Little Buddy got a fitting!

A new bat!!!  The best gift ever! (At least if you're a 13 year old baseball player!)

Santa even brought Edward Cullen to our house!!

Love these boys!!

Merry Christmas 2008!!