Thursday, April 24, 2008

Take Your Child to Work Day

Today is "Take Your Child to Work Day" and I just have time to share a quick funny with you. Two days ago, Veruka came up to me after dinner and said,

Veruka:  Mom, did you know Thursday is "Take Your Child to Work Day?"

Me:  Is it really?  I didn't know when it was.

Veruka:  Yep, well I was thinking....I've gone to work with Dad the past couple of years and this year I want to come to work with you.

Me:  But, I'm not subbing on Thursday.

Veruka:  Oh, I didn't mean that.

Me:  What did you mean then?

Veruka:  I wanted to come to your job as a Stay at Home Mom!

She's funny isn't she?  Needless to say, she went to school today.

Have a great day!  :)

PS.  Stay tuned.....exciting things are coming!


Jen said...

Kathi, I check daily and I can't wait to see what changes you're going to make! Glad you made Veruka go to school! :-)

Jennie said...

Nice try should have let her stay home and made her do laundry, run errands, cook dinner, clean the know that stuff you do everyday:) That's fun that you got to spend time alone with Little Buddy and I like the fireplace. Very nice!

Amy said...

Since Abigail was too little to go to work with Daddy, we made it take your Daddy to school day! She was so excited!