Monday, April 21, 2008

Fireplace Makeover!

Last week I spent a day painting the accent panels on my fireplace...(they used to be white.)  I Love the result! It has changed the look of it and made it really stand out in our family room. (The pictures don't do it justice, the difference in the shades is more pronounced in real life...but this will give you an idea.)

Here is the funny thing. I had the idea of trying one shade darker than our wall color...(which FYI is Duron paint...Plantation Beige.) As I've shared with you in previous posts, I'm totally hooked on Nester's blog. A few weeks ago, she was raving about a Duron paint color, Tobacco Road. I decided that while I was in the Duron store I'd pick up a quart of it too....just to try. Well guess what? The paint color that is one shade darker than Plantation Beige is Tobacco Road! Can you believe it???? I'm telling was meant to be!

I added my $8 birdcage and voilla.....what do you think???


Jenn said...

Looks great, Kath!!

Mikki said...

Look at you.. Martha Stewart would be jealous... LOL!!

Great job!

Hey, are you guys heading this way anytime soon? Would love to catch up with you all!!

The Nester said...

Yes, Plantation Beige is related to TR!!

I once painted my family room about 2 shades/hues warmer. I noticed it every day and it made me feel great! My husband couldn't tell the difference and the only other person who ever noticed was a designer friend of mine. she walked in and said "you changed the color!"

It's amazing how a small change cam make a big impact to some people like us!

Jen said...

Kathi, it's beautiful! Great job! Now I want to see you changing all your curtains around for summer a la "The Nester"! Glad you're enjoying her blog.

Kathi said...

Hey Mikki, No plans for FL right now. I'd love to see you though....I will let you know if the possibility comes up. K

Kathi said...

Nester, Liked your comments! When my hubby saw it, he wasn't nearly as excited as I was. :) Don't get me wrong, he thinks it's nice, but he doesn't think it's that much of a change from it being all white.

To some of us, it's the little things that make us happy.

Amy said...

Looks great Kathi! Can't wait to see it in person!

Anonymous said...

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