Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I am Not a Robot and Neither are my Friends!

Dear Computer,

I am writing this to inform you that I am not a robot.  Not only am I not a robot, but neither are my friends.  I can vouch for them, you have my robots in the bunch.  I am sick of your new word verification that is EVERYWHERE from blogs, to store websites, to who knows what else.  It is getting out of hand.  

Now the letters (and in some cases numbers) are all in some funky, slanted, smushed together font.  Don't you know that I don't like wearing my contacts? It is hard enough to figure out if that is the letter o or a zero, when it's on it's own, forget about it when it's sandwiched in between other that a b or an o and a l????? I've been on some websites where there are 2 words (if you can call them that) needing to be entered to pass your test!  I don't have that kind of time.

Also, while I'm venting, I'd like to let you know that I don't like the way in such a few short years, we've all become so dependent on you. I must get 50 emails EVERY day and I don't even have a job!  These are just team emails regarding my kids' sports, room parent info, team Mom stuff,  school updates etc.  Then there are the few emails from stores....I've eliminated most of them, even if it's a store I like because I just can't stand so many emails.  In addition there are always a couple of know the kind....forward this to 10 friends to win a million dollars from Bill Gates.... and then, lastly, the treasured REAL email from a friend or family member.

I'd like to add that your internet scares me.  Thanks a lot Al Gore, for inventing it. :) Sure it is wonderful, but now that my kids are older, who knows what they may inadvertantly stumble upon???  Of course there are filtering devices, but they aren't perfect, stuff always gets by. There are crazy people out there who WANT their garbage to get by my filter!

I also can't stand the fact that just when I'm feeling okay about you, you get some scary virus!  I never know how to make you better.   I am always afraid that you will die and be gone for good. Thankfully, we always have a friend or two that can cure you.  Why do you scare me like that?


Now there are laptops and blackberries so my hubby can have his email with him at all times. Oh, that is sooooo convienient.  I enjoy that he can check his email 75 times between the time he gets home from work and the time that we go to bed.  All right, it's not really 75 times, but even once is too much.....that is MY time.

We didn't know how simple our lives were.  Oh, if we could only go back.   I dream of throwing you away.  In fact, one of my happiest moments was watching our first computer getting crushed into a million pieces by the trash truck.  But if you were gone, I wouldn't have my blog, and I wouldn't have my digital camera and my 10,000 pictures loaded on you that "one day" I will print out and put into albums, and I wouldn't be able to stay in touch instantly with all of my far away friends and family.

So, in the meantime, dear computer, we coexist.  However, I have done my bloggin' friends a favor and disabled your crazy word verification on my blog.

Yours truly,

Your Non Robot Friend,


Kathi said...

Just a test comment to be sure there is no word to verify here!

Voila! I've succeeded!

Lance said...

nice... thanks... now all of my robot friends are going to inundate your blog with advertisements!!!

robot 454523a9-@#$%111

Anonymous said...

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It's shampoo and conditioner... in one!!!

Anonymous said...

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Lance said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Jenn said...

Kathi...I love this post!!

Did you write that yourself? It is very well done!!!

And YEY for no more word verification!!

Kathi said...

Yep, I did write it. Just another one of my many talents. :)

Okay, but what's with those couple of comments? Is that Lance?....or a real robot? I guess time will tell.

Kelsey said...

Hahaha...this makes me laugh a lot. Everything about the blog, and the comments!

It's so true though...

Jen said...

Very funny Kathi! But I'm sticking with my word verification. Sorry!

The Nester said...

Preach it sister! I hate DUMBputers.

Kari & Kijsa said...

We promise we aren't robots either!! Teehee- loved this post!

kari & kijsa