Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Little Buddy's weekend as an ONLY CHILD

Last weekend, both of the Big Kids were away on a church youth group retreat. This meant our Little Buddy got to be an ONLY CHILD for an entire weekend! We had a lot of fun hanging out with him.

The weekend kicked off with him bringing home his Spring school picture. Check it out...."Mr. GQ" he adorable or what??

Friday night, the three of us went to Movie Night at his Elementary School. The school has this event almost every month, but it is always on a Friday night which is when we usually meet with our church community group. This was only our second time going this year, so he was thrilled. We saw "Meet the Robinsons." I have learned that apparently I am able to sleep through a movie, in public, at the school I teach at, in the midst of a crowded cafeteria! The beginning and the end of the movie were great.....I couldn't tell you a thing about the middle! :)

Afterwords, we brought one of his good friends home with us to have a sleepover. The boys were up bright and early Saturday morning, so after breakfast, Brian returned the friend to his home and he and Little Buddy went fishing together.

After fishing, the two of them headed over to get their baseball pictures taken. Little Buddy went home with a friend. His friend's Dad took them to the DUMP to throw away some old cool is that????  They also went to McDonald's for lunch.....where I was informed that my little buddy tried to order a 20 piece chicken nugget happy meal.  Thankfully, Mr. Jon didn't fall for that....he settled for a 6 piece meal.

Next on the agenda was his baseball game. Bri coaches the team and the kids have a blast. (What a treat for us to only have ONE game to attend the entire weekend!)

Here are some pics:

Warming up with Dad, before the game.

Is that a smile like his Dad's or what?

Our team of fine young men and coaches!

Catching, just like his Daddy used to.


and hitting!

After his game, we stopped at home to quickly change and then surprised him by taking him to the Orioles vs. Yankees game.....which the O's won 6-0!

The next morning we got up and went to church, where we collected our tired Big Kids. What a great weekend!


Jenn said...

Great pics, Kath!!

So, we've had Blaine to help with demo of the old steps and now the dump trip. What's next?!?! I have some mason's here right now fixing the chimney if you'd like to send him over when he gets home from school....

We had fun with him here!

Kathi said...

I told Jon, that he is a great friend to have in our lives! He has given B some really cool experiences. Thanks!