Thursday, April 3, 2008

April Fools Day and Decorating Projects

Happy Belated April Fools Day!!! Did any of you pull a prank on your hubby or kids?? We always try to pull a prank on the kids. We've done it all over the years......short sheeted their beds, toilet papered their rooms, etc. My all time favorite April Fools Day prank was a couple of years ago. We'd had an unusually cold Winter. So, in the morning of April 1, when I went to wake up the kids, I told them the "Good News" ----- that it had frosted (is that a word?) overnight and because the roads were still icy in some parts, they had a one hour delayed opening. They all bought it, each one of them had a smile on their face as they snuggled back under their covers, only to hear, "April Fools!"

This year, I knew I was going to do something with their food. They are getting so old and wise though, that I had to set them up first. My Hubby has been away this week, so the set up was this, "Hey, Dad called and guess what? He said he's coming home today instead of Friday." Of course, they all were like, "Yea, sure ---ha ha, April Fools." (In a sarcastic tone of voice.) I pulled the set up as they were all sitting down to eat dinner----one of their favorites when Dad is away, Velveeta Shell Mac-N-Cheese. We said a quick prayer, and they were still commenting about how lame my April Fools Joke was, as they ate their first bite. Little did they know, but I had "seasoned" their Mac-N-Cheese with dill pickle juice, horse radish sauce, and a little bit of Tabasco sauce. I "got" all 3 kids! Mission Accomplished. (I also had made a "good" batch of Mac-N-Cheese and had that ready to go, stashed away in the oven. That way they didn't have to wait to eat.) I already have my prank in mind for next year, but I can't share it here because my people read this. You'll have to wait until then, to find out what it is.

So, I told you that I'm totally addicted to the whole blog thing right? Well, my friend Nester has some really great decorating ideas on her blog using things that you already have, or things that don't cost an arm and a leg, if you know what I mean. I love to make things, but I just can never think of the ideas. I am a total copy cat. These past few days, I've been on a little roll here. (See what happens when the Hubby is away?)

First, Nester had posted over at Blissfully Domestic, about using your candles. She had an awesome display that she changed out for each season. That got me thinking. I have a really nice candle, potpourri display that I use at Christmas time. I use it as my centerpiece on my Dining Room table. Usually, after Christmas I pack it away, and put my dried flower arrangement back on the table. Well, I've also been watching Oprah when Nate is on, and he has told me that fake plants and flowers are a big NO NO. (We'll save that discussion for a future post.) So this year, I haven't put my fake flower arrangement back, but wasn't sure what I should do.

Look at what I came up with. (Of course Nester was totally my inspiration.)

Here is my Christmas centerpiece:

Here is how I changed it up for Spring:

The beauty of it all is that I ALREADY had most of this stuff. The only things I bought were the cute little birdy and a couple of the candles. I had everything else!

Looking at Nester's post, I can easily see how I can change it up for Summer and Fall too. I'll remove the river rocks and bird and add starfish and shells (that I ALREADY have) for Summer. In the Fall, I'll maybe add some rust colored candles, some leaves, and some small gourds. (Again, I ALREADY have all of that stuff, except the gourds!)

I just have to tell you about today. I went down to the Mission store to drop off some things to donate. I decided to park and go in. I NEVER do this. I guess in the past I've always had a little toddler or kid with me, and it definitely isn't a good place for small kids.....too many things to touch and break, if you know what I mean. So, I went inside and the place is packed with all kinds of things. They had tons of dishes. Nester had done a post on her own blog about decorating with plates. We've been looking for something new for our dining room wall. I got 8 plates and platters, most of which are china made in England and Italy, for $48!!!! I also got this adorable bird house for another $8! I am so excited about my score! Keep checking back, and I'll show you what I am going to do with them.

Just a little note, all of those types of stores are not filled with bargains. Be warned! Earlier in the week, I stopped in an Antique store and everything was so expensive, I might as well have been at Pottery Barn. I didn't buy anything at that store.

The real find of the day happened after I had paid and was walking out the door. I happened to glance down and noticed behind the door was a stash of old washboards! I got the perfect one for my laundry room. It is real too! (Did you know that on real wash boards, the rough part was actually made of glass? I didn't! On the back of this one, you can see dried soap from the original owner!) Thank God for washers and dryers...I can't imagine having to do laundry on one of those. Check out where I hung it.


Dani said...

Ok, so I've been to Nester's and I can see how you could get addicted! You are doing a great job yourself, love the washboard, what a great find!!

Mikki said...

Well aren't you the next up and coming Martha Stewart..LOL ;-)

It all looks great.

I love our little hospital thrift store we have here in FL and some of our goodwills. Their all hit or miss but sometimes you can REALLY strike it rich!

Jenn said...

Wow Kath! I'm impressed!!!

You'll have to help me decorate when we move....!!!

Jen said...

Well, Kathi! I'm so glad that I put the link to Nester up there! Whatever would you be doing with yourself these days??? :-)

And, do tell, where is this mission store????

Amy said...

LOVE IT! In order for you to do this, you have to have some type of creative bone in your body. You can see a great idea and if you are not creative you won't be able to copy it and have it look good! Everything looks great! I can't wait to see what you next project is!

The Nester said...

Every thing looks so beautiful! You have a great eye and a lovely bird cage.