Monday, March 31, 2008

My Confession

To Whom it May Concern,

Hi.   My name is Kathi.....and I must confess that I have an addiction.... is an addiction to reading other people's blogs!  

It started out so innocently, back in October, when I decided to try this whole blog thing.   I had stumbled onto ONE blog (Dawn, the funny ebay lady) and thought to myself, "This is cool.  I could do this.  I have LOTS of funny stories to share about my kids and my crazy life.  It'd be a great way for all of our far away family and friends to keep up with our goings on. It could even be a way to document our year for myself and my kids.".....(Since I'm way too lazy to scrapbook, or for that matter to even actually print out my pictures!)

Then, I found out a couple of my friends had blogs too!  We all started sharing our was fun. Completely harmless, right??  Soon I noticed that other people had links on their blogs and I wondered how they got them there!??   Being that computers are not my area of giftedness, I asked my friend Jen S. to help me out.  She shared her knowledge of how to put a link on my blog.  Then, it all spiraled out of control.  I began checking my friend's blogs each day.   I'd say to myself, "Let me just see if she's written (or excuse me, I mean posted) anything new today.  It'll just take a minute."  The next thing you know, I am clicking on my friend's links and maybe their friend's links. Two hours later I'm still on my couch with my laptop, reading all about some total stranger in Texas or Arkansas or Oregon and their Christmas with their MeMaw and PePaw and their 2.5 adorable little kids.  I do not know these people and I probably never will. Scary?? Pathetic???  I don't know, you tell me.  For all I know, someone from Texas or Arkansas or Oregon will be reading this later tonight!

So, now the truth out there.  I've confessed.  The first step is admitting my addiction, right? Surely, now I am on the road to recovery.

With love,
Your Friend, Daughter, Daughter In Law, Sister, Sister In Law, Cousin, Neice, Aunt or maybe even Total Stranger,

PS. Now that I've made my confession, you REALLY have to check out Nester's decorating blog. She is one of my links.  She has great ideas and has totally inspired me to spice up my own decorating....all on a budget of course!  Also, you may want to stop by Jen V's blog, she is trying to blog for 100 straight days.  Did I mention that I found Nester's blog by reading Jen V's?  Yes, I really do need to get a job, people.  I think it's time!


The Nester said...

Oh, my, thank you so much for mentioning me! I am so happy to be part of your blog list! I love reading blogs too--sometimes it seems like it should be illegal!

Thanks for stopping in!

Mikki said...

too funny. I know I'm addicted..
This morning I thought.. I'll wait to turn on the computer.. it only lasted till 9:00. LOL.

Glad your having fun with it!

Jen said...

Kathy, Thanks for the nod. I'm glad you enjoy the Nester! She is amazing. I love her blog too!

I'm up to Day 17 and counting..... Want to take the 100-day challenge???

Kathi said...

Hey Jen, I was just leaving a comment on your blog at the same time! Isn't that weird????

Jennie said...

Yeah, I changed my blog again because I thought that the black background was hard to read on sometimes. Also, like you, I get bored and so I am checking blogs and updating mine all the time. Sometimes I wonder how it is that I can spend 2 or 3 hours on the computer a day with really nothing to do on the computer.

U.N. Mama said...

I am sitting here laughing because I just found your blog through Jen V's. Ha So, here I am reading your blog (a stranger to me). It's so cool, isn't it?

Kathi said...

Hey UN Mama, Thanks for stopping by. I'm gonna check your blog out too.