Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I know some of you did not know Kevin at all and I wanted to give you a chance to see a glimpse of who he was.  At the end of his Memorial Service a video was played.  Some good friends of ours were instrumental in getting the video up on our church website for everyone to view. (Love you, S & S.)  The same friends gave us a copy of this video right after the service on DVD and it still brings tears to our eyes every time we watch it.

The video includes family photos, and video footage of Kevin teaching Junior Quest (Kindergarten & First Grade) and also footage of some of the dramas he was in at our church.  At the end there is footage of Kevin reading a passage from a letter that is amazing in its relevance. He actually read this at the end of 2007 at a Birthday party for Joe & Tricia, our Pastor & his wife. When we heard Kevin read the words that night back in December, we never would have imagined, we'd be hearing them again so soon.  The words are awesome.

To view the video, click on the link on the right side of my blog that says LifePoint Church.
You'll need to scroll down on the page to get to the video.  Then click on the arrow to play it.

Hug your husbands and kiss your kids.
Love you all,  Kathi

PS.  Yes, Brian and I do all of that goofy teaching stuff too. (Now you get to see what we've been up to all of these Sundays!)   We are going to miss doing it with Kevin & Suzie.  We learned from the best.


Kelsey said...

I absolutely adore this video. It's one of those things that make my heart ache, yet make me so joyful all at the same time.