Tuesday, March 18, 2008

1 Weekend, 2 Baby Showers

This weekend was jam packed and a lot of fun! Saturday, my Mom, sisters, neice and I all drove up to Pennsylvania for my cousin Margaret's baby shower. It was a great time seeing all of the Howe ladies! Sunday, we hosted a baby shower at my house for my younger sister, Krissy. She is also expecting her first baby! Babies are so fun and the anticipation is so exciting. It was neat to see the two "Mommys to Be" together. God is good and precious new life is definitely a miracle.

Shower #1

Margaret -- Mommy to Be of a Future Nittany Lion!

Beatutiful Ava

Becky, Em, & Margaret

Wendy, Brenda, Mary & Sam

Lots of Howes = Lots of Talking! (We missed you Tammy, Sandra, Leona, & Jenny!)

Krissy & Margaret and 2 babies!

Shower #2

Fun Centerpiece!

Serious Game Playing!

Mary, Jo & Krissy

MacKenzie and Wendy

Donna & Debbie

(These next few pictures aren't as good, bad lighting downstairs I guess.)

Shannon, Rachel & Aunt Sally

Cool Diaper Cake - Made by Shannon!

Mary, Betty & Kaitlin

Lori, Betty, Michael & Becky

Betty's First Kiss! (Sorry Albee & Jenny! See what happens when you leave your kids with us?)