Thursday, March 6, 2008

Two Weeks

It is hard to believe that it has been 2  weeks since Kevin died.   As I shared in my last post, time is moving by.   I don't want it to, and I don't like it.   I wish I could go back and reverse everything to change the outcome.  To make things better for Suzie and her kids, and everyone else.

Brian and I find ourselves still crying.    The sadness we feel is for Suzie & her kids, for our church, for our community, and selfishly, for ourselves.  We liked being around Kevin.  He was just that kind of guy.  There are many good memories, and knowing where he is does bring comfort, but the sadness still remains.

I was jumping from blog to blog through links and I came across a blog from Tim, a guy that goes to our church. His entry was titled, "I miss Kevin."  I think that sums up how we all feel.


Jennie said...

Hey, I just found out that a friend of ours from church, Bob, is losing his battle with cancer. I had asked for prayers for him about a year ago and he went into remission, but now it's back with a vengence and he's decided to not continue treatment. He's 44 with 5 kids (ages 3-14). I only share this, not to depress you even more, but I guess just to get encouragement from someone who understands. I was telling someone that God's plans just seem to suck sometimes! However, I do know that He has plans so much bigger than us. Bob was a mentor to Chad and I when we were in the youth group and he is a wonderful Christian man. It does bring comfort to know that he will get to be with God soon and how exciting and comforting that must be for him. It's just hard on us and especially his family who is left behind. Sorry for the saga comment I just left. I'm just sad and needed to vent I guess!

Kathi said...

Jennie, I will pray for you and Chad and their family. It can be so difficult for everyone. I also will pray that your friend wouldn't suffer.

Mine and Brian's friend Blaine, died from cancer 11 years ago. He had a similar story as far as going into remission and getting the all clear at his follow up check ups. When it came back, it was also with a vengence. He too refused treatment at that point.

Sometimes, we don't like it or don't understand, especially when young children are the ones who'll be left behind, but like you said God does have a plan. It may suck to us now, but in the end it will all be for good.

Please call me anytime.
Love you! Kathi

Jennie said...

Thanks Kathi! Love you too.

Kelsey said...

Wow, this pretty much sums up how I feel too.

Thanks for this.