Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fun Day!

Today was a fun day.....first Little Buddy had Twin Day at school.  He was actually triplets with 2 friends.  They all wore jeans, white t shirts, and spiked their hair into faux-hawks....fake mohawks.  He looked GREAT!

After the kids went to school, I went shopping with a friend and bought 13 Vera Bradley Bags!!!  Don't worry, none of them are mine.....they are part of the prizes for Charlie's Baseball team's Vera Bradley Bingo.   It was so much fun....and even better to be spending someone else's money!!!

BTW...if you live near me..the Bingo is at the end of Jan.....we'd love to have you come!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Marathon Pictures!!!

This is me AFTER the race!  26.2 miles...I still can't believe that I actually finished!!

Some funny highlights of the day.....

At about 2 miles into the race a guy passed me who was running and juggling at the same time!!!  Yes, I said juggling.  He and I were near each other for most of the race until about 20 miles when he took off.  He totally beat me!

At about 4 miles 2 guys passed me who were barefooted!!!  They flew by me and I never saw them again!

At about 5 miles I passed the oldest man I've ever seen run.  He must've been 80 years old.  I could not believe that he had been ahead of me for five miles!!!

During miles 5-10 I was hanging with 2 gay guys who were speedwalking.  They were the fastest walkers I've ever seen.  When I asked them what their pace was they said 12.5 minutes/mile.  I was running next to them to keep up!

At 10 miles I saw Bri & the kids for the first time since the starting line.  My little buddy was holding a sign that said "Run Forrest Run" with a line through Forrest & Mom written next to it.

At 14 miles a guy passed me who was running backwards!  I told him he was really making me feel bad.  I asked him if he'd been running backwards the whole race.  He said, no he hadn't been...he'd also walked backwards for some of it!  :)  Later in the race, I passed him and I ended up finishing way before him!!  Ha! Take that...Backwards Running Guy!

For miles 15-17 my sister, Kris came on the course and ran with me!!!  I love her!

Between miles 15 & 19 I saw my family and friends lots of times.  It was so encouraging for me.  They are the best!!!!

At mile 19.5 I "Beat the Bridge!!"  The runners had to be at the 14th street bridge by 1:15PM or else they were not allowed to finish.  Those who were cut off had to ride busses back to the finish line.  I did not want to be on that bus!

I got to the bridge about an hour before the cutoff time!!!  I was thrilled!!! This was when I knew that I was going to finish the marathon.

Miles 22-25 were absolute killers!  My entire body wanted me to STOP.

At mile 26.2 I crossed the finish line!!!!  My family & friends were cheering me on from the bleachers.

A Marine put a medal around my neck.

Finishing the marathon was one of the best moments of my life.

I also want to thank all of you who cheered me on at home.  It helped so much to know so many of you were getting the texts of my splits and watching my little dot move on the map like I was Harry Potter!

Here are a whole bunch of pictures...starting with the night before the race.

This was the Team in Training Pasta Party.  We were all there except Charlie...he was with Gma & Gpa.

Here are the kids with their arms around Charlie's empty seat.

My gear....ready to go...the night before.

5:45AM...getting ready to leave!!

Just practicing!  :)

Oh yea, here's my #....don't forget it!

One of the starting tunnels....and the gun that started the race.

The starting line....look at all the people!

Here I am walking up to the starting was freezing before the race.  

This is me saying hello & goodbye to B & the kids about 2 minutes before starting.  I threw off the gloves & coat about 1 and a half miles into it.

Here is a really gross picture of me running.  I am at mile 10 here.

Bri was my gatorade refill guy along the race....they provided drinks, but I also brought my own.

Here is the sign...isn't it cute???

This is me & my sister Kris running together.  She has on the grey sweats.

Here I am on the final approach.
Thank God!

Just about to cross the finish line.

Me & my medal!!!!!!

Bri & me....I love him.  He was so proud of me.

The whole biggest supporters.

Part of the gang at the finish line.  I love you all!!

I did it!!!

I cannot believe that I did it!!!  I ran in and finished the Marine Corps Marathon!!!  The whole experience was truly incredible.  It was amazing.  I am so glad that I did it.  I still can't believe that I finished it!!!!

My family and friends came down and cheered me on.  It was so neat to see them along the route.  My sister even came on the course and ran with me for 2 miles!  The crowds and Marines were lining almost the entire course cheering on the runners. It was so inspiring and encouraging.  It was so neat to be doing it in DC too.  It felt very patriotic.

My goal was to "beat the bridge."  That is the 14th street bridge at about 19.5 miles.  The runners had to be there by 1:15PM or they would not let you continue running.  Those people, who didn't get there in time, were put on busses and driven to the finish line.  I did not want to be on that bus!  When I reached the bridge an hour before the cut off time, I was thrilled!   I knew then, that I was going to finish the race!!

My final time was 6 hours and 8 minutes!  That was very exciting because I was hoping that I would be able to come in at 7 hours, if I was able to finish at all.

Brian took lots of pictures, as did the MCM people.  I will upload them in the next day or 2.

In the mean time.  Here are some pictures from Friday when Brian and I went to DC to check in.

When we took this picture...I was thinking that this might be the only finish line I'd see.
Yes, we are cheesy..aren't we???

That night we went to some good friend's of ours house for our church community group.  When we knocked on the door, my friend Shawn answered and he was wearing a little card taped to himself that said, "We support #17341"

As, I entered the house I saw that everyone was wearing one.  I was so touched.

I love these people!!

I had to take a pix with the photographer too!

Thank you all for your kind words, love, encouragement and prayers.  I know that I wouldn't have been able to do it without you.

I am so incredibly sore today.  My knee held out for the entire race, but as soon as I finished it totally locked up on me.   I'm in pain, but it was soooo worth it.

In a day or two, I'll be feeling fine....and I'll always be able to say that I ran in a marathon!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Almost Time!!

Hello my Bloggin' friends!!  I'm so sorry I haven't been around lately...I have been consumed with getting ready for The Marine Corps Marathon this Sunday!!!!!

These past couple of months my runs have gotten longer which means the time it takes me to run them has also gotten longer....we're talking 2, 3, or 4 hours!!!!  A few weeks ago I ran my longest run at 20 miles...and honestly I thought I wasn't going to make it!

The race is Sunday, so please think of me.  I'm praying for no rain, for my left knee to hold up, and for the stamina to finish the 26.2 miles!!!

Myself and 18,000 other people will be running in look for me on TV!  

Monday, October 13, 2008

I Met a Friend!!

Me and Steph at my church's Women's Retreat!!!   

This whole blogging world is soooo cool.  This is Steph from The Scoop from the Loop. She used to live in Maryland....near me.  She also used to attend my church!!!  We never knew each other when she lived here, but met through blogging after she moved to Florida!!!  

This past weekend my church had it's annual Women's Retreat in Virginia and guess what??? Steph came.  We finally got to meet each other in person!!!  What a neat experience....and she is just as nice & funny in real life!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More Fall Decorations!!

 Hey.....Here are some more Fall Decorations for you, as promised.   The wreath on my front door is from Safeway!  Can you believe that? I love it because it's not too orangey....and it was on sale!
Here's a close up of part of my fireplace mantel.  
The only things I purchased this year were the white pumpkins.  
Everything else was from other parts of my house.  These 2 napkins inside the baskets were a gift that I never use because there's only 2 of them.  I think they're great here.  

The baskets are at least 15 years old from parties I went to ages ago.  In fact,  I wasn't even using them.  I had them on a shelf in my storage room!

The fake fruit & flowers inside the small basket are actually a candle ring!  I just set it right inside the basket on it's side.

Here's the whole mantel. 


Sometimes, it can be tricky to decorate a mantel.  Mine can be tough because of the funky transom window above it.


Here are some tips that have worked for me:

1.  Use a lot of things.

2.  Play around with them.  

3. Try different things... you're finished look will probably not be what you had in mind when you started.

4.  Layer your things.

5. Use different textures and finishes.

6. Use items of varying heights.

7. Don't lean a mirror above your fireplace.  All you will reflect is your ceiling.  If you really want a mirror up there..hang it so it reflects your room.

8.  Don't be afraid of color.

9. Have fun!

PS.  Come back next week & I'll show you the outside of the house!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Touch of Fall

I just love Fall decorations.  This hangs in my entryway.

The full effect. 
(Isn't it weird how the paint color on the wall looks different in these photos?  This one is the truest representation.

Our Dining Room centerpiece.....for you Steph!

This is the Fall can look at this post to see the same centerpiece decorated for Christmas and Springtime.  I'm a big believer in using what you've got.  Why reinvent the wheel each time???  Just change out some seasonal elements....and voila!

Come back in a few days to see more!