Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Girl

Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking.  Last week was tough.  How do you walk your 14 year old daughter through the death of a friend?  Thinking, praying, talking & crying....and doing it all again.   I think we are all drained.  Sitting there at that funeral, my heart ached for that family.  My heart still aches for my friend Suzie & her kids.   I just want to scoop up my kids and run away somewhere safe, where it's just the 5 of us.  Of course, that isn't possible.  As I move through the days, I am cherishing the time spent with my family. These sudden losses have changed my perspective on life. I realize that their are no guarantees. I am making the most of each day.  I was looking back through my blog and realized that there aren't a lot of posts about My Girl. So, this is for her.

First, let me say she is an AWESOME daughter. I couldn't ask for anyone better. She is sweet, kind, loving, honest, loyal, and friendly. She has a beautiful smile and soulful eyes. She has so many good qualities, it is hard to list them all. She has a huge heart and will stand by her friends until the end. She LOVES little kids. She loves to babysit and has served every week in our Church's PreSchool Sunday School program for the past 5 years. She is involved with our Church's youth group. She loves to read.  She loves sushi!!  She loves fishing with her Dad.  She LOVES all kinds of animals....except snakes! (She especially loves our dog, and lets her sleep with her every night.) She loves to cook. (I don't know where she gets that from...definitely not me!)  Messy bedrooms don't scare her.  :)    She is very determined when it comes to achieving her goals. Once she sets her mind on something, she WILL accomplish it. She is not afraid of failure. She is not afraid to put herself out there.

She loves twirling baton. She's been doing it for 6 years. She and I just spend the last 2 weekends at competitions. (Yesterday we left at 6:30AM and got home at 10PM!) It was fun to hang out with her. Today I spend the day with my son at his travel baseball game while she and Grandma went back for Day 2 of the competition. She placed well both weekends...last weekend she came in 1st in her division!! This weekend she came in 2nd. She told me that the reason she likes to twirl is because it makes her unique. There aren't a lot of people who twirl.

She's been involved in both her Middle School and High School's SGA.  Last year she ran for and was elected, President of her SGA.  Her proudest accomplishment was getting the school to allow gum chewing for 8th graders only.

This year she is in 9th grade and in High School.   She tried out for and made the JV Cheerleading squads for both Football and Basketball. She was named Co-Captain for the JV Cheerleading squad for Basketball. In the Spring she decided to try out for the school's Softball team, even though she hadn't played Softball since 4th grade and she made the JV team.

She has balanced all of her extra curricular activities with her school work and has managed to keep her grades up all year. She's had all A's and a couple of B's. We LOVE her VERY MUCH, and are VERY PROUD of her!

This is a meal that she cooked for all of us! Just for fun....can you imagine?

Here she is with her trophies from last weekend's baton competition!

Thanks for being my daughter. I love you very much! Love, Mom


Mikki said...

Great post!! She's very lucky to have such a great mom too!!

We will be keeping you all in our prayers as you continue to lean on HIM through this time of sadness.

Jennie said...

I know how hard it must be for you to have to watch your daughter ache and hurt so much. I know what you mean about wanting to just go away where everything is safe. I know she is a strong girl though and these experiences, even though they are tough, I'm sure will only make her stronger and more able to deal with other challenges in her life. I'm lucky to be related to such a sweet girl. You and Brian are doing a great job.
ps-who's that super cute little girl with the curly blonde hair and huge bow!

Kelsey said...

She's precious. I want to get to know her more, that's for sure!

P.S. You're more than welcome...Thank you for all you've done for me!