Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy 9th Bday!!!

At the beginning of the month my Little Buddy turned 9 years old!!!
It is soooooo hard to believe.  How can my baby be that old??  Next year, he'll be in double digits!!!  That is just wrong!

It's funny because I think he'll always be my baby. Even when he's 20, 30 or 40.  It's just something about that youngest kid.

There are 4 years between him and his brother.  For a long time we thought we'd only have 2 kids.  When we decided to have a third, it was so exciting.  We were older, wiser (so we thought..Ha!) and had a little more money.
We really focused on each stage and tried to enjoy it.  We tried to just be in the moment.

So, now he is 9!!!
He is such a cool kid.  
His sense of humor is incredible.
He loves sports.
He has unlimited energy. 
He loves to read.
He loves God.
He loves his family.

Here are some pics from our celebration at Medievil Times.  He has been wanting to go there for a couple of years.
(It's a little pricey, but they have some really good deals online if you want to go.)
It was a lot of fun!!

I love you and am so glad that I'm your Mom!!!


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Time just goes much too fast doesn' it?

He is SO dang cute! He looks So much like you.

Anonymous said...

He is my grandson and Ilove and respect him very much.

Anonymous said...

Hey Little Buddy!
We love you & Miss you and we think you are an incredible "little" man! I still remember the "You talk'n to me?" It cracks me up whenever I think about it! That was 7 years ago!

Happy Belated Birthday!

Ms. Darla

Carrie said...

Time certainly does fly by!! Mine are 17 and 15 and even though I could never imagine having another now there was a time I wished for a third.

Like you said, I felt like we were older and wiser (and better off financialy) and with the older two it went by SO fast. I guess I thought that if we had another we would slow down and appreciate each stage more.

But I guess that is what Grandkids are for!! LOL!! So maybe in about 10 to 15 more years I will now that feeling!! Gosh, that sounded SO weird...weren't they just babies!?!?! LOL!!

Anyway...come on by, I am having my 50th post giveaway!!

Carrie ♥

Ashley said...

Looks like a fun birthday!!! Happy (belated) Birthday to him!

Shannon said...

Awwww. Great pictures! Happy Birthday!!