Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mike and his Crutches

Okay, I am slowly catching up.

Last Wed (on my sister Krissy's Birthday), we had our first snowfall of the season. It was beautiful! We ended getting 5 inches and the kids got out of school 2 hours early!!!

They all came home and went back out snowboarding and sledding. I was so excited because the boys went alone...without me!!! I sent them with a walkie talkie and off they went. I had finally arrived. I'd made it to that glorious moment where all 3 of my kids could be outside alone, without me right there. They like to go to the "good hill" about a block away. (I think every neighborhood in America has that one "good hill.") They were gone for a couple of hours...and checked in by WT with me every half hour or so. I was living the dream! My fireplace was on, I was nice and warm and dry and my kids were having a blast.

That night when Brian came home, he decided to take the kids out again. Once again they trekked down to the "good hill". Well, I hunkered down on the floor next to the fire with my current book, and thought to myself, "Now this is the good life!"

Well, no sooner had I said that to myself, when the door opened and in came Brian carrying Mike. He had gotten hurt was his knee....and he couldn't walk on it. Well, we checked him didn't look that bad....and put ice on it.

The next morning he still couldn't walk on it, so I took him to the doctors and then to get Xrayed. There was a questionable area on the films right at the inside part of his knee, where they couldn't tell if it was fractured or not. So we were to keep him off of it for 4 or 5 days and see if he felt better. If he did, it would just be a sprain, if he didn't it would be broken.

Well, Mike and I went to pick up his crutches and he says to me,

"Mom, will I use these in school tomorrow?"

"Yes," I reply back to him.

He says to me, "This is a dream come true!"

So here he is, on his crutches.......

Isn't he cute????
He went to school Friday and got to live out his dream.
Good news, he is doing great now, and can walk on his it turns out it was just a sprain. Monday, he'll return to school without the crutches.
So, Mike got to live out his dream, and at the same time my dream died.
No more sending the boys to the "good hill" by themselves.....I guess I'll have to trek along and stand there in the cold. :(