Sunday, August 17, 2008

Adventures in Camping

So, while I'm backtracking....I thought I'd show you some pictures from our camping trip two weeks ago.   

Jennifer P. and Amy B. both posted about camping last week, so I had to post these pictures.

Amy's post especially spurred me on because it was titled "10 Things I Love About Camping." Now, just to give you some background, I grew up with a camping family.  We had a pop-up camper and camped across the country for several vacations.  (That is how I visited over 40 states in the US!)

As a kid I loved it.   

As a teen I remember asking my Mom & Dad why couldn't we just get a condo at the beach for a week like a normal family??  

As an adult I've dreaded it, even hated it....but I continue to go once a year, because my kids love it.  

We didn't camp for the first time until our Little Buddy was two years old and Brian was soooo excited about it.  In fact he was so thrilled about it I thought maybe he'd bought a camper and was going to surprise me with it.  

No such luck.

We camped the first two years in a tent.

After that we "moved on up" and now we camp in a cabin.   Well, they call it a cabin.  I call it a shed with beds.  But, at least we don't have to set it up....and if it rains we stay dry.  

In the spirit of Amy's post I give you:

10 Things I Hate About Camping

10.  The bugs & spiders!
9.  Fear of being attacked by a snake.
8.  Yucky campground showers.  Yikes!
7.  No sleep.....too many strange noises.
6.  The sound of snoring, coming from another campsite!
5.  Packing up half of the house just to go for a weekend....then coming home washing everything and putting it all away.
4.  The smell of the "Camping Man" and boys who do not see the need to shower or change their clothes the entire weekend!
3.  Sleeping on a Double bed with my you see how big he is???
2.  Did I mention the bugs and spiders??? (Steph, you & I are 2 of a kind!)
1.  No Air Conditioning!

and.....just to be fair......

10 Things I Love About Camping

10.  No video games, computer, or TV!!!
9.  Tons of fun time spent with my hubby and kids.
8.  S'Mores!!!!  Yummy! 
7.  All meals cooked by the men!  Woo Hoo!
6.  No mess from the all goes in the campground dumpster.
5.  Spending time laughing and relaxing with good friends.  
4.  Loving wine from a box and Jiffy Pop Popcorn.
3.  Lots of time for playing cornhole.
2. Sitting around the campfire chilling.
1.  Making great memories that you just can't get in a hotel.

So, for one weekend a year, the 'loves' outweigh the 'hates.'  We'll be back again next Summer!!!   

Sitting around the campfire.  (Do you like our fancy lights on our cabin???)  

The crabfeast......mmmmm!

Loving man cooking!!!

Good friends!

PS.  You'll know you're at the same campground as me, when you hear the blow dryer going at 7AM.

Sorry, I'm a high maintenance girl, what can I say???


linda said...

Just stopping by your site via Nesting Place...hope you don't mind.

Loved your post about camping. Camping is not one of my favorite things to do either...but that's another story. It gives you all the conveniences of home such as air conditioning, ice maker, microwave/oven, and best of hook up!!

Take care and have a great week!

mommaof4wife2r said...

congrats on your saucy blog!
camping in a tent is not much of joy for me. i do love ur top tens! glad u had a blast...

Steph said...

I feel exactly like you do about camping...we are two of a kind! I camped all my life growing up and loved it (we have home movies of my mom hanging my CLOTH DIAPERS at our campsite on the clothesline!)but we always had a trailer. my sister lives at Deep Creek and at our family reunion there last year, there were so many of us that bruce and my youngest boys tent camped...the boys loved it...bruce hated it! at least I have gotten him to be a fisherman!

Aubrey said...

Coming by thru SITS! Congrats on being Saucy this week!

We are supposed to go camping over the long, holiday weekend. I may get out of it though because my sister might be coming in from out of state! If not, at least we are going somewhere with showers AND flushing toilets!

Susie Harris said...

Hi Kathi..... you just made me start missing our camper all over again, smile. We sold it because of the high gas prices so now we just rent cabins... I miss those days of fun!

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am a high maintenance girl too, gotta have electric, water and blow dryer to survive :D

New Girl on Post said...

What a fun post! I love camping, even though we never camped when I was a kid.

Great pictures by the way. Looks like you guys are having a blast!

Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love the camping post!

Anonymous said...

I think we are going to be brave enough to try camping next summer. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

Debbie said...

That was EXCELLENT! So so funny for so many reasons because I've been camping once. When I was a child. And now I drive past campsites on my way to the nearest hotel for room service ;)

Just wanted to let you know that Maryland is the spotlight state on WEDNESDAY, August 20. Get out your best post ever and let's get some comment lovin going!

Tiffany said...

Stopping by via SITS, congrats on your saucy blog!

I haven't been camping in forever, but between you and JEnnifer P., I'm hankering for some outdoor antics!

Ashley said...

I absolutely love your blog! Congrats on being a saucy blog! My husband and I are tent campers, bless us! Maybe one day we'll upgrade! Haha!

American in Norway said...

FOund you via SITS... Your trip looked like so much fun!

Jennifer P. said...

I thought I might hear a disaster story after the balloon ride--but it looks like you actually have FUN (stinky fun, but fun nonetheless :)!). And the lights on your camper---how cute are THOSE!!!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

LOL!!! Awesome!

I hate tents.

Cabins I can do. Especially ones with cool lights.

Carrie said...

You could take #10 and duplicate it ten times for me!! blech blech and BLECH!! I hate bugs!! That's why I got married, so I'd have someone around to kill bugs!

Tracy P. said...

We're a camping cabin family--LOVE them! Two kids, two top bunks, magic!

We stayed at a campgrounds in the Black Hills that was a RESORT this summer. Amazing!

Marla said...

i couldn't have said it better myself... but do tell... what is cornhole?

Rela Pantaleon-Manigsaca said...

Love the lights! You're giving me ideas here...

And wow, I thought camping was sparse hotdog and buns. And there you are feasting with crabs!!!

nikkicrumpet said...

What a cute post....I'm just really impressed that you could even come up with 10 things you love about list would consist of #1 through #10 all saying the same thing....NOT HAVING TO GO CAMPING!

Julie said...

If you want the safe camping experience come to New Zealand. It's a national obsession in this clean and green and totally outdoor activity driven land.

No bugs, spiders - well none that are poisonous.

Cool blog - love the pictures!