Monday, November 5, 2007

A Day of Football

I just have to take a minute to tell you about Saturday!! In the morning, I mean EARLY morning, Mike and I left to go to his last football game of the season. (We had to leave our house by that dedication or what??) He has had an AWESOME first season of football, and it was a great experience for him. He scored one touchdown this season and recovered a couple of fumbles.....not too bad for never having played before! Unfortunately, his team lost their game 13 to 12. :(

(There aren't playoffs for his age group, so now his season is over.)

Overall, they had a great season with a record of 5 wins-3 losses and 1 tie.

Check out how dark it was when we arrived!

Here is a pix of Mike (#82) getting ready for warm ups. This field was sooo nice, artificial turf and all.... totally first class. (The pictures aren't the greatest because I was pretty far away, nobody but players and coaches were allowed near the field.)

Brian and Charlie couldn't be at the game because, Charlie's team was playing in the first round of playoffs up in Urbana. (We've managed to go all season without any conflicts between the 3 kids sports until today....not too bad!)

Charlie's team got off to a slow start this season, going 0-4. They ended up with a regular season record of 4-5 which was good enough for them to get to into the playoffs.

Mike and I didn't arrive until the start of the second half. Charlie had a GREAT game, probably the best he's had all season. He only plays on defense, where he usually starts at Cornerback. Saturday he was starting Linebacker and had about 10 tackles, including a great tackle that caused a fumble. He was fired up!

There was a lot at stake because the playoffs are single elimination and this particular team had knocked Charlie's team out of the playoffs the past 2 years in a row. It was a grudge match to the end, tied at 6-6 at the end of the 4th quarter. They ended up going into double overtime which included a fumble by Charlie's team and two fumbles by Urbana. It was a real nail biter, but in the end Charlie's team was victorious 12-6!!!

It was a hard fought, well deserved victory, that was two years in the making! We were so proud of Charlie at how much he's improved over the years. He's really turned into a tough football player.

Here are a couple of pictures from after the game, they aren't the best....I was too caught up in the excitement, to take any others. These are from after everyone calmed down and the coaches had a chance to congratulate the boys. Charlie is #24...on the right side of the pics.

Next week his team moves on to play in the semi-finals.