Sunday, November 18, 2007

Guess What???

Guess What???? It's Sunday night and guess how many games we attended this weekend??

Zero --- Zip --- Nada --- None!!!

Woo hoo! What a great feeling to wake up BOTH mornings and know that we didn't have to rush around like crazy people, spending the majority of our weekend in a car driving to & from multiple games.

Charlie's team lost in the second round of playoffs last weekend. He was disappointed but he also had another outstanding game with some great tackles (that his Mommy actually managed to capture on video tape!) He even had an awesome sack on the quarterback. We were very proud of him.

Don't get me wrong, I love watching my kids games....but there is something incredibly freeing when the season ends.

Of course, around here it will be short lived. Neither of our boys play a Winter sport, so we like to think that we have the next couple of months off. We won't really be off though, because the day after Football Cheerleading ended for Veruka, baton started. Tomorrow she has tryouts for Basketball Cheerleading. A couple of weeks ago, Charlie found out that he made the Sunday Travel team for baseball. The season doesn't start until Spring but his team will start practicing once a week right after Thanksgiving. Oh well, so much for having a break.