Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Playing instead of Packing

Yesterday, instead of packing for our upcoming vacation, I spent a couple of hours playing with my new toy.

I got a new camera on Monday and I LOVE IT!! Sorry Tammy, we no longer have twin cameras. :(

I was very indecisive about which kind of camera to fact, I originally went to Best Buy on Friday, but left without buying anything. Isn't that sad??

The tassel pictures were some of my are some others......what do you think?

All of these pictures are the original shots straight from my camera.....I didn't do any tweaking, enhancing, or cropping on the computer.

Front porch flowerpot.


Fun with the zoom feature. This shot is from our front porch with no zoom at all.

This shot is our neighbors back is half way zoomed in....full optical zoom. (I'm still standing on my porch.)

This is a picture of flowers that are 2 backyards away! (I'm still standing on my porch!) The camera is fully zoomed in with digital zoom...pretty cool, eh?

Macro setting.

Night time setting.


Under the Florida Sun said...

Looks like your enjoying that new camera!

Have a great vacation!

You can stop by my blogger blog now. I'm using that more and more now and not my homeschool one.

Amy said...

What kind of camera did you get? It looks like it takes amazing pictures!

Kathi said...

It's a Nikon Coolpix far I'm loving it.