Thursday, June 5, 2008

Poetry Project

Veruka had to do a poetry project for her Honors English class this week. It turned out so nice, I just have to share some photos.

The project had to incorporate 6 of the poems that they'd written this school year and they had to all tie together in some way. Her teacher told them that he wanted them to be creative. The example he showed them was from a boy last year who'd finally found a girlfriend. His poems were about her and finding his true love. He had them rolled up and put in a bottle, kind of like a message in a bottle.

Well, when Veruka looked through her poems, most of them were about her sadness over the deaths of 2 friends this year. She decided to use those poems. We headed off to the scrapbooking store, because that is where Veruka likes to get her project supplies. She had seen some little albums when we were there the last time, that were in the shape of love, family, friends, believe, travel. Well, when we got to the store, she knew that she wanted to use the one that said travel. (I tried to persuade her to use 'friends' or love', but she had her mind made up, and wanted 'travel.') She picked out papers, ribbons, and stickers and came home and spent the rest of the day putting it all together.

It turns out that she wanted to use the idea of her journey through these past few months and trying to determine which path to travel. She included poems about her sadness...poems about Kevin...poems about Emily....poems about trying to find the right path and having to look up...and finally a poem about where she is now. The whole thing blew me away. She is a very talented writer and SOOOO creative.

Here are the words to her last poem, in case you can't read them in the picture above.

I Can See

I have found the path
To the light
I am no longer blinded by what was
For I can see again, and that is what matters

Through these past months I have learned lessons
Lessons that I will never forget
I have realized I have to move forward
And that I can't hold on to what was
I can always remember the memories
But I can't carry the grief any longer

Time won't wait for me
It will keep going,
No matter how happy or sad I feel

I have to live for the moment
No more waiting for what the next day will bring
I have changed...
And for the better
I have found the path to the light again
I can see


Dani said...

This is so beautiful. I'm so happy for her, and even though I don't know "Veruka" personally, I feel so proud of her. Tell her thank you for letting you share this.

Jenn said...

Wow Kath! That is so good!

Tell her I said way to go! I'm sure her teacher will love it!

How neat to see her putting her thoughts into words like that. She is so talented (just like mom!).

Anonymous said...

When my daughter was a child and a teen, I stood back and admired her many talents in the arts. Now my grandaughter reminds me by her actions that talent is once again something to admire and foster while standing back.

Mikki said...


God has really given her some beautiful gifts :-)

What a proud Mom moment!!

She's a beauitful God's girl for sure!

Jennie said...

That book is awesome! I love it, and the poem is so good too! You guys are doing a great job.

Jen said...

Wow! That deserves an A+ for sure! Way to go Veruka!

Kelsey said...

Wow! This is so neat! Who is/was her teacher do you know?! That's awesome. I love turning school projects into something worth using and looking back on.

What a great poem!

Kathi said...

Her teacher was Mr. Drew. He was GREAT! He really inspired her to be her best.

Kelsey said...

Mr Drew is indeed a great English teacher. I'm sure he enjoyed reading over her project!!! I know I did! :)

julie_blauwkamp said...

WOW! that's awesome! your daughter is amazing! :)