Monday, September 22, 2008

So what do you want to do??

When Brian & I were first married, we spent 4 years together without kids.  I have no idea what in the world we did with all that free time, but I do remember both of us sitting around all weekend asking, "So what do you want to do??"  

"I don't know, what do you want to do??"

and so on, and so on....

I was thinking about this last night as I fell into bed at 10:30PM.   We had no idea back then, just how much free time we had.

When my kids were little, it was so physically exhausting because they needed me 24/7.  I always thought it'd be so much easier when they were's different, not necessarily easier.  Now instead of physical exhaustion...the culprit is busyness.

Here is a recap of our weekend:


I worked a little.

Went to the grocery store.

Made 12 dinners for a Dream Dinner swap.

Took Charlie to football practice & stopped to buy him a ticket to the Sock Hop on the way home.

Brian & Mike TV went to watch Veruka cheer at an away game.

I went back and picked up Charlie from practice.

Drove Charlie to Sock Hop.

Sat in silence all by myself for 1 hour!! :)

Bri came home & picked up Charlie from Sock Hop.


Helped Veruka with Car Wash signs.

Went to Mike's football game.

Left game and went to Veruka's Cheerleading Car Wash...stayed to help for an hour.

Drove Veruka home.

Went straight back to football field to watch Charlie's football game.

Came home & got changed to go out on a date with Bri....we saw Tropic Thunder.....very funny, if you like "stupid funny" movies.


Went to church.

Met friends for Dream Dinner's swap.

Went straight to both boys baseball tryouts...for Spring baseball.

Left in the middle of tryouts to drive Veruka home from her tumbling class.

Went back to finish watching tryouts.

Came home, picked up Veruka and went Homecoming Dress shopping.   She got a dress & shoes that we both love!!

Had Bro-in-Law's fam over for cookout.

Sat on the couch for an hour & went to bed!!!

Here's what I didn't do:

1.  Meet with our Community Group....thankfully, we were taking the week off.

2.  Go for my long run Saturday.....I'm off to do that now!!

So, to those of you with young kids, my advice is cherish the time.  It goes by so quickly.   Before you know it, you start living your life in your minivan.....being the taxi driver!!


Lauren W said...

It's funny, I'm on the other end of that. Hubby and I have only been married a year, and we haven't started with kids yet. I often find myself sitting at home thinking, "wow, I have so much spare time!"

Nik said...

AMEN Sistah!! I don't even know the world of hurt I'd be thrown into on the schedule factor. I homeschool one and the other one goes to school so I've got my time spread between those two things as well.


Steph said...

once your daughter starts driving, things will get a little easier (physically, not mentally!). we had always told our kids they had to be 18 to drive but by the time they were juniors, I was driving sooo much we let our oldest get her permit at 16 and a half and that helped me out a lot when she got her license.

Shannon said...

We have been married a little over 4 years and don't have kids yet and that is exactly what we did over the weekend..."What do you want to do?" "I don't know." :)

CaraBee said...

What? I thought once my daughter was school age I could resume my life of eating bonbons and watching movies. Bummer.

Kelsey said...

Just wait till they drive! Then you won't know what to do when you're not the taxi driver all the time...haha :)

Katie said...

Oh how I dread being a taxi driver. But I don't think I'll miss the 6 am wake-up calls! Don't teenagers LOVE to sleep??!!

Wep said...

I don't have kids yet and we totally waste our time working when we don't need to. I'll try better I promise!

SKELLER said...

Yikes, I'm tired just reading all that....

Life with teenagers ... I'm so not ready.

Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the slower pace of here and now :-)

duchess said...

I'm with you on the busyness. Yesterday I spent the whole day on the road & after gymnastics & football game we got home at 10pm.

I can't even get the dishes loaded in the dishwasher because I have too much running around to do (& catching up on my favorite blogs).
Better run & load them now.
Have a great day.

Stacey said...

Just wanted to let you know that the time in the car is to cherish too. Now that 2nd my son will take off in his own car in a week or two, I'm realizing how much talking happens in the car. Teenagers tend to want to be left alone - but they have plenty to say in the car. I think it's neutral territory or something. :)

Brian and Staci said...

Oh I needed to hear that today. It's sooo hard when you are "in the thick of it". I've been my 3 yr old's shadow today...we are potty training...EEEEKKKKK!!! I know, this too shall pass :) RIGHT!??! I checked out your BIG hair! WHOA! That's impressive! Although, I still think I may win...dang it! If I could ever find that picture!!!! What a cutie you are (and were!)! Have fun "runnin' around...that too will pass and then WHAT will we do? sigh...makes me a little weepy :(

Susie Harris said...

You are good! Doing all that and still bloggin'... You go girlfriend!

Lula! said...

So true...every word of it...

If our girls are with their grandparents for the evening, the question "So what do you want to do?" is usually answered with, "Take a nap!" We are so boring!

Debbie said...

I am exhausted reading this. I know what you mean about cherishing your kids when they are little. I have really tried to focus on them during the day (no blogging) because they are just getting so big so fast and it makes me sad. I think I'm gonna cry thinking about it now...

Caroline said...

I ask myself that question all the time - what did I do with all that free time before kid?

Woman, you are busy! Goodness. 12 dinners? I can't even wrap my head around that one. That alone would have taken me all weekend!