Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Teenager in the House!!

Last week Charlie celebrated his 13th Birthday!!!  I can't believe it!!  Now we've got 2 teenagers in the house.....lookout!!

The pix isn't the best, because I forgot my camera....this is from my phone!

I love you so much buddy, and am proud of the person you are.

Hope you LOVE being 13!!


Anonymous said...

Hard to believe you are 13. seems like only yesterday that your mom called us and eleft St College to get to the hospital before you were born.



Under the Florida Sun said...

How fun!!
At least it's not two teenage girls..LOL. Hormones and all. LOL.

Happy Birthday !!

Shannon said...

How fun to be turning 13! Happy Birthday from Blogland!

CaraBee said...

Happy Birthday Charlie!