Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun!!!

How do you like these Halloween lights????  No, this isn't my is a house in my neighborhood though...isn't it cool???  They put the web up a couple of weeks before Halloween and don't add the spider, who is made of balloons, until Halloween.
Boy #1.....he was a nerd this year....I loved it...he was in character the whole time.  He cracks me up!!
Boy#2....or should I say Girl #2????  Isn't he funny????  His friends all got a kick out of his costume.

Ready for Trick or Treating!!!

This is the first pumpkin that I ever carved!!!! (Usually Brian does that job, but he was the boys and I did it ourselves!!!)

Here is Charlie's.....he carved his own!  Do you like his creative touch??

The sad thing was that when we woke up Sat....both pumpkins were gone....teenagers had stolen them. :(

This is my house.

Earlier in the day, we had all gone to the High School's Homecoming normally isn't on Halloween...but it had gotten rained out a few weeks ago.

I like it, because it is such a small town thing!  Each grade makes a float.  Their are corvettes carrying the class princes & princesses and Senior King & Queen.  The marching band & cheerleaders are part of it.  The kids like it because all of the High Schoolers throw candy to the crowd.

My girl is on the cheerleader float...but I couldn't get a good shot of her...figures!


Shannon said...

Love the spider web! The costumes are GREAT! Ya'll did a great job on your pumpkins too!

Steph said...

The costumes were great! I love the barfing pumpkin too! Evan's was the same one but I especially like the extra special touch!
One thing I will really miss about Mt Airy are all the parades! Bradenton doesn't really have a downtown area like that...

Michelle said...

I love the costumes! The best ones are costumes that are completely made up, and your boys did a great job!

We had a vomiting pumpkin this year, too.

Kat said...

That spider and web is just amazing! I can't even imagine doing something like that. But I bet my pumpkin carving husband could engineer it right up. If he started now in prep for next year :-)

Jennie said...

B looks a little too comfortable in his nerd costume...and as for J, scary, just scary!

CaraBee said...

That spider web is amazing! I'll bet they had a lot of people driving past on Halloween. You did a great job on your first pumpkin! Although I bought one, I never carved my pumpkin. That's too bad about them being gone in the morning, dontcha hate that?

Totallyscrappy said...

The costumes and pumpkins were great!