Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

First, let me say I have been blessed with a wonderful father, a loving father in law, and a husband who is one of the best Dad's I know. Happy Father's Day to 3 great men.

I am grateful.

We had the chance this weekend to celebrate with both sides of our family and it was so nice to see everyone. Lately, it seems as if we've been living our lives in a whirlwind of activity....I guess because we have been....and we haven't seen much of either side of our families. This weekend, we had the opportunity to celebrate the all of the Fathers and to visit with our brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews.

I am grateful.

(I took lots of pictures of the families...I promise I'll post them soon.)

I wanted to talk about Brian.

Brian is the kind of Dad who inspires you to want to be a better person. He is so good with the kids. The funny thing is, long before we were married.....back when we were dating, I knew he was going to be a great Dad. He's just that kind of guy. He has fun with the kids. He can make any situation fun. He just has this easy going way about him. (He's a good balance for me! :)

I am grateful.

He's coached all of them. He plays with them. He wrestles them....(thank goodness, because I can't stand that!) He teaches them. He guides them. He holds them accountable. In the way he lives his life, day by day, he's teaching our boys how to treat their future wives and teaching our daughter to have high standards for her future husband.

I am grateful.

He loves God.

I am grateful.

He is one of the most authentic people I've ever known. What you see is what you get. He is who he is.

I am grateful.

Integrity matters to him. He does the right thing, even when nobody knows. He is passing this on to our kids.

I am grateful.

He is humble. You'd never know of his accomplishments....because he won't tell you.

I am grateful.

He invests his time in me and the kids.

I am grateful.

He is a great Dad.

I am grateful.

Happy Father's Day, Honey.....I love you!


Kelsey said...

This is very sweet.

Jennie said...

He is a great Dad and person in general. You all are very blessed!

Anonymous said...

Brian is not jusr an excellent father and husband, he is all that this father could wish for in the way of a son-in-law. But most of all, he is a tremendous human being.

Kathi makes me so proud of her in her vaious roles.

Thr grsndkids are lso my pride snd joy.

I have been blessed that I am part of their family.