Friday, July 25, 2008

Dining Room --- Stuff on the Walls

Do you remember this Spring when I went to my local mission store and had a great time picking out all of these plates???

The Nester had done a post about hanging plates on your walls....and I was totally inspired. This was so long ago people, that she has since moved to and decorated a new house!  

(She's done a few posts on if you want to see other great pictures of plates on the wall...head on over there and click around.)

Well, I finally got around to having Bri help me hang them up in our Dining Room. 

We used to have a tapestry hanging on this wall. I wish I had a before pix to show you, but no such luck. The tapestry went bye-bye this Spring. I never really liked it. I had gotten it for cheap when an elderly couple down the street was having an estate sale. They were moving to a retirement home. The tapestry was in there Dining Room and looked okay. The price was right so I snatched it up, before another ruthless shopper could get a hold of it.

Anyway, this Spring, one of my friends was having a yard sale for charity. I had set aside a pile of stuff to donate to her and at the last minute decided to add the tapestry to the loot. I literally took it off the wall, rolled it up, and handed it to her.

So now, only a mere 3 months later, I've finally got plates on my wall.

What do you think??

When we finished hanging these up, I said, "That looks so much better and a lot less grandmother-y."

Bri replied, "Uh, sorry Honey, but I don't think you can get much more grandmother-y than hanging plates on your wall!!!"

Then, Veruka came in and said, "Ewww, What's up with the plates on the wall? It looks like something an old person would do."

My apologies to the Nester. I don't care what they say, I love it.

Here's a close up....I picked out lots of different patterns and textures. I think that probably helps add some interest. They are all creams and whites....which helps tie them all together. 

(That kind of sounded professional didn't it?)

If you decide to do this, I recommend laying your plates out on the table or floor. Then play around with them, to see what works and where.

It is also much easier if you have a second person to help you hang them....a friend, a kid, a sister, or in my case a husband...(thanks Honey!)

We (I mean Brian) also hung this cool piece on our other wall. I had picked it up even before I got the plates. I like reminds me of the wrought iron, scroll work in Charleston.

I also like that it has some dimension. See how it sticks out from the wall?

Here are the finished walls.

Come back next week to see what the Nester inspired me to do in my Playroom!

PS. For any of you (Dad) who were concerned about why my blog came up under "How to torture your family"...
Click here to find out.

PS.  An update for you paint color googlers......the paint colors are Behr Harvest Brown and Behr Velvety Merlot.


Steph said...

I love it kathi...very Nester-ish! I love the arrangement on your dining won't mind if I copy it will you?? I'm going shopping tomorrow and I'm sure I'll find a Home Goods along the way!

Kathi said...

Nope, copy away.

If you want to see it close up, (and also the Xmas version of it) on Decorating Delights on my sidebar and there is a post from April (I think) that shows the centerpiece up close.

Happy shopping!

Shannon said...

I love it!!! It looks so great! I can't believe you got all those at a thrift store. And that is so funny about looking like a grandmother's house because that is exactly what my husband told me!!! He said, "wow, you are really turning our house into an old lady's house." So funny!

Steph said...

I looked at your other decorating posts and noticed that we have the same dishes!!
also, what did you ever do with that stack of beautiful fabric remnants??

Amy said...

I love it! It looks sooo good. I spent the month at my moms picking up different pieces of white dishes and many plates to do the same thing on my wall. I am also using white dishes on my bookshelf in the DR. I got some fabulous deals on my stuff! When I finally get it together I will post.

Blissful Nikki said...

Oh...I love it! I dont think it looks "grandma" at all. I know MY grandmother wouldnt do this! My mom might, but she has great taste! :) Great job. Oh...and I love the iron work!

Debbie said...

Kathi it looks terrific. It is so balanced and really pops against the wall color. Now I need to read about the torture thing.

Jennifer P. said...

If all those plates had pictures of kitty cats on them, or maybe of Elvis, I would say it looked grandmother-y---but all white with texture looks fresh and lovely to me ;)!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can't believe your daughter wasn't afraid of Children of the Corn! I guess with the Grudge and the Ring and Saw and all those other freaky movies out (which I've seen none of, by the way---even the previews scared me :)!)--I guess maybe COTC doesn't seem TOO bad!

At Home Redesigns said...

I think you did a great job. They look nice and fresh and pop against the wall....not grandmotherly at all...unless you're talking about a hip grandmother...

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

omgoodness. That is such a funny reaction. Tell your fam "what's old is new again!"

Did you see that those skinny cigarette pants are coming back in? And 60s hair?

So, what's going on in grandma's house is about to be cool. ;)

Michelle said...

I love it! I've been looking for plates too and after seeing your little set up, I am even more excited!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I popped over from Nester's place.

This looks great. The paint, the plates, it all works well together!

I lived in Cornelius for 7 years! It's a small world isn't it?

Kathi said...

So far, I've done nothing with the fabric...good intentions....poor follow through. I'll post when I've finally got the project done. :)

Anonymous said...

I think the plates (and the room) are beautiful! I also don't happen to think it's grandmotherly ;)

Nikki said...

Your plates look great! I love white plates!

Vanilla Lavender said...

Looks great! Love the plates on the wall.