Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Running 101: Shoes

Well, I'm still plodding along with the running....I'm up to 9 miles!!! Woo Hoo!

I thought I'd share a quick funny story about my shoes.

As you may or may not know, I began this whole running thing back in March. I had been wanting to give it a try and actually started running last year, right before I turned 40. A couple of months into it, I ended up getting mono of all things! Who gets mono when they are turning 40??? Me, of course.

I was knocked on my butt, literally for about 3 months. That was the end of my running career.

This March, one year later, I was trying to do anything to pull myself out of a low period in my life, and just kind of prove to myself that I was alive. That's when I went back to the running. Back then, it was cool and of course it's about one million degrees out and the humidity is like a sauna, but I'm still hanging in there.

In April, when I had been running a month and had signed up to run in the MCM, I was talking to my Dad on the phone.

Our conversation was something like this:

Dad: "You know Kat (because that's what he calls me) if you're serious about doing this, you really need to get a good pair of running shoes."

Me: "Yea, I know Dad. I'm gonna do that."

Dad: "You know you can't just go to Kohl's and get any old pair of running shoes."

Me: "Oh......yea, I know that." 

(Thinking to myself, shoot, what about my 20% off coupon??)


Me: "Okay, where can I get some good running shoes??"

Dad: "I know just the place."

So, a few days later my Dad ended up meeting me at Road Runners, a running store, to help me pick out some real running shoes.

When we got there, the salesman had me walk across a pad that was hooked up to a computer that took a scan of my foot. From this, they could tell about my arches and the weight distribution on my foot. Then, they had me run on a treadmill while they videotaped the back of my calves and feet.

(There's nothing like seeing a close up of the back of your fat calves while you're running.....not pretty:)

From the video (which they also showed me in slow motion.....lovely) they could tell the amount of pronation that I had....that's a fancy running word to see if you lean in on your feet when they land.

So, while I'm huffing and puffing away on the treadmill my Dad is talking to me.

Dad: You know that when I used to run my thighs were as big around as some people's waists.

Me: Uh, Dad, that's not really making me want to do the whole running thing.

Then, the salesman walks us over to the wall of shoes and shows me the section I should choose from. I pick a couple of pairs. He measures my foot and then tells me that for running I should get shoes one size bigger than I normally wear....(which by the way is huge for my height.)

I tell him, "Again, that's not making me feel so good about the running thing."

Sheesh! Men!

I bought the shoes, (they ended up being 1/2 size bigger than what I normally wear......they are size Huge and a half. :)

Here they are:

Lesson learned: If you want to run, get yourself some good shoes. They really aren't that expensive at all, and they've made a big difference.

PS. For all you family members, once I upload my pix I'll post some good ones from this weekend!


Michelle said...

heehee! I'm still giggling! I am *thinking* about running. And I have been telling David I needed to get some good running shoes, I thought about checking out that store until you mentioned they video tape you! AND make you run on a treadmill! OH, my goodness, that would be a GOOD youtube video! I LOVE it when I get my 20 & 30% off coupons from Kohls!

Shannon said...

Hi! I'm so flattered you put me on your blog roll. Love your new shoes!!

Debbie said...

Oh Kathy...that was so fun and funny to read. When I first got into running a million years ago I gasped at having to pay 70 bucks for good shoes, but it makes a huge difference doesn't it? So much better on your feet and legs.

Blissful Nikki said...

hehehehe thats too funny! I didnt even know such stores existed! :) Probably because I have never run in my life! I think I will stick to the nikes I got at the outlet mall! They are good for Power Shopping! That counts for something, right?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi,
I'm a reporter with The Sun News and I'm doing a story about people blogging about their experience at Hard Rock Park. I was wondering if I could quote from your blog...

I'm on deadline today so please get back to me ASAP at


sassy seamstress said...

came over from chatting at the sky. is it safe to say you are a daddy's little girl? sounds like it to me. but then again, so am i. oh, and your mistreatment in the previous post looks fabulous.

Jennie said...

And I thought you could just go down to Kohl's and get some New Balance shoes...lucky for me, I don't run...

Susie Harris said...

I would love to run but it makes my side feel like Im about to die. It has been like that all of my life. I do enjoy walking very much... I agree, shoes are the key! Take care.. Susie h~

Angie said...

I just came across your blog and have been reading past posts. The plates on your dining room wall look great and so does your window mistreatment.
I love using plates all around the house. I bought some really pretty ones tonight at T.J. Maxx that I'm trying to find a place for. Check out my new blog!

At Home Redesigns said...

I have the same pair and really like them...not that I run...but great for walking in search of antiques!

ann said...

good shoes or you will have the shinsplints from the devil, or worse, heel pain. Or worse. Every $ spent on shoes is worth like 5 appts at the doctor to repair damage from bad shoes. I think.

Anonymous said...

I sooooo feel for you! I too went in and was fitted with running shoes and they also told me to go a size bigger. Apparently that day they didn't have the women's size in the shoe I wanted ... so I had to buy a men's shoe. Lame. But it worked out and now my toes don't hurt! :)
Aaaanyway...I hear ya on the big feet thing - me too ;)

Thanks for dropping by, I'll definitely be back to read more!

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