Tuesday, February 26, 2008

God Be With the Lawyers!

We've cried, hugged, questioned, reassured, and comforted each other all weekend. Although, it still seems hard to believe at times, it is gradually sinking in that this is real. Many of you have called and emailed us, so I just wanted to give you a quick update.  

All 6 of the Lawyer kids are doing well.  The last child was released from the hospital on Sunday. Praise God!

Suzie has been described as being a rock through this whole thing.   She is leaning on God as her rock and using her faith, that she and Kevin will be reunited in Heaven, to give her the strength that she needs to make it through each day.  She is focusing on the blessing that all of her kids walked away from this horrible accident with nothing more than minor injuries.  Please keep them all in your prayers.

The past several days have been exhasting and emotionally draining.  I can't even begin to imagine how it's been for the family.

There were over 2500 people that came to the Visitations.  Isn't that an incredible testimony to the kind of person that Kevin was?  The Memorial Service yesterday was also a packed house.  Kevin touched many people with his life and will probably touch many more with his death.  He's inspired many to grow deeper in their faith and as a result, become better spouses, parents, and friends.  He will be missed.

Saturday, I walked into the study to check something on the computer and Charlie's IM (Instant Message)  was still on the screen.  When you are finished IM-ing, you can leave an "away message."  This is what Charlie's said:  GOD BE WITH THE LAWYERS!

I think that about sums up anything I could say.  


Kelsey said...

You said it.

I hope you've rested up some. I can't wait to be around everyone again...it's so much more encouraging that way.

Thank you for all your comfort too. I can't thank you enough.

Kathi said...

Kelsey, I'm glad I could meet you and be of some comfort to you. You are an amazing girl.

God will use this terrible event for good.

Mom of 6 said...

Thanks, Kathi. I appreciate all of your prayers. This is going to be a rough road, but I know that God is so in this. He is good and lives are going to be totally transformed.

Kathi said...

Suz, you are such strong girl. We love you & our hearts ache for you. You are right. Lives will be transformed and already are! I can only speak for B & I, but the two of us are changed from this. It's made us want to run towards God instead of walk. I can only imagine the countless number of people Kevin has reached and will continue to reach and the ripple effect that will have. We are praying for you all.

Jenn said...

Kathi - I, too, have been struggling this week. It's so weird because I've been around all sorts of people and some write it off and some really want to listen to me. I had someone yesterday who rudely asked me what was wrong (I've looked like a zombie) and I told her and she grunted and said something about hearing about it. Ugh.

Anyway, God WILL use this for good, but it is hard to see right now. We just have to have hope and faith. I'm looking forward to tonight as well.

I love you!

Susan S. said...

You and your church family are in our prayers. I pray that you will find comfort during this difficult time!