Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day, Pt. 2

I am on a little roll here...blogging everyday this week! Wow! (I don't know, is that good or pathetic?)

We had a really nice Valentine's Day yesterday. We have never gone out on Valentine's Day...too crowded...and we never used to have a sitter....or the $. We used to feed the kids and put them to bed a little early...then have a nice dinner with just B & I. Well, now that we have "older kids"...the problem is that they don't go to bed! Half of the time we fall asleep before is pretty sad.

The kids used to just eat mac & cheese or chicken nuggets, but this year we made them a nice dinner too. (Shrimp cocktail, London Broil, baked potatoes, mushrooms, salad & heart shaped sugar cookies for dessert!) It was kind of cute...the 3 kids sitting there having a candlelit dinner. B & I were the waiters, I think they liked that part the most. After they finished, we always do a Scavenger Hunt for them....I don't remember how it started...we've been doing it so long, but basically we make up a series of clues that they have to follow and at the end they get a little present. Then they all went up and Veruka put Mike to bed (she's the best!) and she and Charlie hung out in her room while B & I had our romantic dinner. (That's a serious run on sentence....sorry!) After dinner, we watched LOST. Not very romantic....but hey, we both wanted to watch it...we've been waiting a long time for LOST to come back on... we didn't want to miss one episode! (It was well worth it too, I mean come on, Saiid working for Ben after they get rescued!!! Wow!)

B always gets me roses, one for each year we've been Valentines. You won't believe it, but this year was our 25th Valentine's Day together!!! I know it sounds like a lot, doesn't it? (A quarter of a century!) I used to cringe at the thought of the $, but it's once a year, he likes to do it, and I think it's sweet. The past couple of years, he's been getting Veruka flowers too...(just a half dozen for her.) I heard a really sweet story about roses this week....if I can find it online, I'll post it.

The other cool thing we do is with our cards. Four years ago, B & I actually bought each other the same card....(I is sweet, isn't it???) I saved the cards and each year on Valentine's Day we sign them again. One day, those 2 cards will be completely covered in messages to each other. (It also saves us from having to buy a new card each can be tough to find that perfect card!)

Hopefully, all 3 of our kids are learning how to treat and be treated by their future spouses. Nothing would make me happier than to one day have grown sons who love and respect their wives and a daughter who loves and is loved by her husband.


Mikki said...

Hey there,
Sounds like you had a great Valentines.Aren't we blessed to have such great hubbies ;-).

Jenn said...

Kathi - that sounds so cool! You guys had a great night!

jodie said...

I love reading about YOU. Your family is incredible. I'd love to be a mouse in your house for a day...very entertaining I'm sure. I was honored to link you to my blog.