Friday, February 22, 2008

Please Pray

I am writing this with a heavy heart.  I would like to ask you all for your prayers.  A good friend of ours, Kevin Lawyer, was killed tonight (Thurs) in a car accident.  He was driving his 6 kids home from school when it happened.  The kids were taken to 2 different hospitals. 4 of the 6 were being released when I left the hospital around 9PM.  The other 2, who were taken to Hopkins, were doing well, but hadn't yet been released.  His wife, Suzie, was not in the car with them at the time of the accident.

I was able to go up to the hospital to be with Suzie and the kids, along with other close friends and our Pastor and his wife.  Bri was in FL getting ready to fly home, when we heard about the accident.  Thankfully, he made it home safely.

My kids are pretty upset, as this is the first time, that they can recall, that someone close to them has died.  We have them all sleeping in our room tonight with us.

I am emotionally drained but yet unable to sleep, thus the post at 5AM.

I keep thinking that they must have made a mistake, that this can't be true.  But, sadly it is.

The one blessing in all of this is that Kevin truly put God first in his life.  He believed in Jesus with all of his heart. We know that he is in Heaven, where he wanted to be. As Brian said, "Now he knows all of the answers." 

Although, we are comforted in knowing where he is, our hearts are saddened by the void he leaves behind in so many people's lives.

Please pray for my friend Suzie and her kids Josh, Mayson, Max, Katie, Chloe, and Isabella.


Mikki said...

I will definitely be praying for them and for your family.
Last year about this time my best friend here in FL lost her 15 month old to a choking accident. I've experienced death a lot in my life, but having to walk alongside someone ( and still am) during all of it is hard. I will be praying that God gives you words to share with your friend.
The greatest thing to know is that it's OK for you NOT to have all the answers for her, just be there to listen and hug.

in Christ,

Jennie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend and my heart goes out to all of you touched by this, but especially for his wife and family. I can't imagine what they are going through and will continue to go through as they adjust. I will keep them and you guys in my prayers.

Kelsey said...

I've been praying...thanks for this post. What a dear family...

I hope you find peace and are able to get some rest.


Kelsey Shaw