Friday, May 16, 2008

Did You Used to Have Big Hair???

Perm + gel + curling iron or crimper + lots and lots of hairspray=
Oh Yeah! You better believe I did! 

The biggest of my 'big hair days' were late 80's early 90's. Here are some pix from '88 & '89....when I was in college.

Sorority Days ...that's me on the top left.

This was when I caught the bouquet at a friend's wedding. (Bad Pix quality...but you can still see the hair!)

More Sorority Pix...

Going out on a hot night on the town. Bri is taking the you don't get to see him. (Your welcome, honey!) Note, how everyone had big hair, but mine,of course, had to be the BIGGEST!

When my kids see pictures of me from back then, they say,
"Mom, how did you get your hair so big and so brown???" :)


Dani said...

Yes! The big hair wasn't bad on you! I posted a couple of mine, I could only find school pics though. Fun Blog, love it!

Anonymous said...

I remember having 4 women in my home at the same time. Do you remember doing your hair before swim team practice in the morning, then coming home and re-doing your hair before you would go to school?

Seems as if I spent alot of time trying to get into a bathroom.

julie_blauwkamp said...

LOVE IT! I totally had the perm thing going in my late 80s sorority days! where did you go to college? what sorority were you in?

Kelsey said...

I have big hair naturally now...


Kathi said...

I went to University of Delaware and then University of Maryland. I was in the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority at U of Md.
Seems like another lifetime ago!