Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I have been doing a Bible Study by Angela Thomas with some women from my church and at the beginning of each week's lesson, Angela has written a prayer.  She has a beautiful way with words, so I'd like to share her prayer for this week with you.

He'll Raise You Up

Father God, In  this last week of study,  remind us that your truth never ends.  There is always more with You.  Let this just be the beginning of our transformation.  A life that is becoming, growing, and changing into Your likeness.  A heart that is being healed.  A soul that yearns for more.  

Where the way is narrow, let us walk with a righteous confidence.  Where we have given judgement, let us lay it down with humility.  Where the foundation is sinking sand, let us tear down and rebuild on solid rock.  Make us amazing women with profound and amazing lives.

Every time someone looks toward us, let them see Jesus. In our brokenness.  In our accomplishment.  In our obedience. In our forgiveness.  Make us women who reflect your grace with passion.

Take each day and give wisdom.  Open our eyes and soften our hearts.  Lead us by Your Holy Spirit.  Make this life a beautiful offering.

Because of Jesus and His love, Amen.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful prayer! It beams light out of a redeemed heart. Praise God.