Thursday, May 29, 2008


I'm speechless.   

I wanted to point you in the direction of Angie Smith's blog  to have you read her post titled "The Past and The Pitcher."  It is truly one of the most beautiful and inspiring things I have read in a long time.

I've mentioned Angie's story a couple of times in my blog.  Her baby girl Audrey Caroline was born and died on April 7.  Angie is an EXCELLENT writer and has so much to share.  

Today, I went to her blog and saw that her 2 month old nephew Luke died on Tuesday evening. He apparently died from SIDS.  This family has been through so much heartache and pain. Please say a prayer for Angie's entire family.


Mikki said...

I saw this too and was just dumbfounded.

Is it we are getting older and just noticing more? Is is that the world is just falling in around us?

Walking through and witnessing the death of a dear friends son last year, was rough. Reading what you have been through with loss... and this families amazing story.

Such sadness.

I guess it's time when those with no faith ask 'where is God' and those of us who have faith.. ask..

"how much longer God?"

I can't wrap my mind around such sadness, but I CLING knowing that each day gets me a closer day to HIM!!

Wishing you a BEAUTIFUL Day in CHRIST this day!!


Kelsey said...

Wow. I have been behind a few days on her blog, but I just caught up. Wow. I am praying for them. She is one amazing woman...