Monday, May 5, 2008

Marathon Conversation

When most people find out I am going to run in a marathon, the conversation goes something like this:

Friend: I heard you're going to run in a marathon.

Me:  Yep.

Friend:  Wow, that's great!!


Friend:  Are you insane??

Me:  It's just something that I've always wanted to do.  There's no better time than the present.

Friend:  Have you ever run a marathon before?

Me:  Nope.

Now this is the question that ALWAYS cracks me up....

Friend:  Do you know how long a marathon is?

Me:  Yep.....26.2 miles.   (Although, next time  I might say, No I don't know, how long is it? What?  26.2 miles!!!  I had no idea!)

Friend:  Have you always loved running?

Me:  Nope, in fact for a long time I hated it.  It's growing on me.  It is good 'alone time.'

Friend:  What is the longest you've ever run?

Me:  5 miles.  (I just ran that this morning!  Woo hoo!)

Friend:  Oh, (long silent pause....) Good luck.

Seriously though, I am following a training program and it's all about slowly increasing my mileage and endurance.  I started in March and could BARELY finish 1 mile...(I am not kidding.) I am running 4 days per week and supposedly I am AHEAD of where I need to be at this point in time.

Check back for more updates.


Mikki said...

so proud of you!! Looking forward to reading how the training goes!

Anonymous said...

Just remember, slow then long.

Love you,


Kelsey said...

That is so funny!

It's really neat that you're doing this. We should go running sometime. Rachel Fullen and myself go running after our school day..we should all go running together! It's always better to run with someone else! :)

Jennie said...

Wow, good for you! I'm still at the "hate running" stage. I wish I was one of those people that just loved to run. Good luck!

Jennie said...

ps-you do know how long a marathon is, right?:)

Amy said...

After reading your posts I tried to get Todd to sign up for this one as he is always running in different races, but he said no thanks!

Good Luck with your training!