Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

This past weekend, Bri was away at our church's Men's Summit. It was just me and the gang and we actually had a pretty good weekend.   Saturday was filled up with Baseball, a Bday Party, and then Veruka & I went shopping.

Sunday morning I had to teach. I then left church and went directly to Oriole's Park at Camden Yards where they were having Little League Day.  Mike's baseball team was participating in their parade. Bri coaches his team, so he and a buddy left the Summit early to meet the boys before the parade.  Mike had spent the night at his friend's house and his Mom had driven him to the ballpark.  Of course our lesson was LONG this week and I got there just as the parade was ending....you know how those things are...Mr. Murphy and his Law were hard at work. Luckily, Gma & Gpa were able to go, so if I can get their pictures, I'll post some.  It is a pretty neat experience for the kids.  They get to walk (parade) around the field before the game and high five the O's players.  My boys have participated the past 3 years, and it is a really cool thing. (I mean, really, how many people can say that they got to walk around the field of a Major League Baseball team???)

I wanted to share a quick funny about my lesson that I taught on Sunday.  (As you may or may not know, Bri & I teach Kindergarten & First Grade Sunday school at our church.) This week's lesson was about money.  I talked about how everything we have comes from God, including our money. Since God gives us our money, He wants us to use it in good ways.  Some of those ways are:  saving it, giving it away, or spending it. It is okay to spend it, but that we need to be wise and not spend everything.  We did our whole lesson around this basic message.

Well, after class one of the little boy's Mommies came back, with a smile on her face, and told my friend who checks the kids in and out of the classroom, that she had asked her son what he learned in church today.....he told her he learned that "God loves money and God wants me to love money!"  

(Hmmmm, maybe we might need some clarification this week.....Thankfully, this Mommie is a friend of mine!)      :)


Amy said...

What a busy weekend for you. And, very funny "lesson" that child got from your class Sunday!

jodie said...

Just so you know...YOU HAVE LOST YOUR JOB!

Kathi said...

Is that what it takes to lose my job??? If only, I'd known sooner. :)