Thursday, May 22, 2008

Please Pray

I just returned from the bus stop, where I heard the sad news on the radio that Christian singer, Steven Curtis Chapman's 5 year old daughter was tragically killed yesterday. Apparently, she was playing in the family's driveway and her teenage brother did not see her and accidently struck and killed her with the family's SUV.  Please keep their family in your prayers.  Pray that they would have peace and comfort, on this dark day.

It just makes me think, we never know.  



My time could be today, or my husband's time could be today, or my child's time could be today.  Am I ready?  Are you ready?

These past few months, I've had the opportunity to witness amazing faith in action, in the midst of incredible pain and sorrow.  I personally, have learned and grown so much.  I am grateful.

Please continue to keep my friend Suzie Lawyer and her kids in your prayers. 

Please continue to keep the family of Emily Burke in your prayers.

Please also continue to pray for Angie & Todd Smith.  Todd is the singer in the Christian band, Selah, and they had a baby girl who only lived for 2 and half hours.  I've been following Angie's story, and her faith in God is truly inspiring.  You can read her entire story on her blog.


Kelsey said...

It's amazing to me the things you blog about because I couldn't relate more. I'm praying...for them all. I really am, and have been.

Thanks for this.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Thank you for this incredible post! You are such a blessing!

Have a blessed weekend!

smiles, kari & kijsa