Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tag! I'm it.

Here are some answers to a cute little survey that a couple of people have tagged me for:

What were you doing 5 years ago?

1. Getting ready to spend our first Summer in our new house.

2. Enjoying my Little Buddy FINALLY being potty trained! (I was beginning to think it would never happen!)

3. Wondering where in the world we'd go swimming and why there weren't more pools here???

4. Spending LOTS of time with our extended family.

5. Feeling bittersweet about Veruka finishing Elementary School and moving on to Middle School.

What are 5 things on your To-Do list today--in no particular order?

1. Laundry.

2. Go to Mike's school to help/volunteer for Native American Day.

3. Grocery Shopping.

4. Tag books for Mike's school's end of year book sale.

5. Laundry.

(I know, it's just such an exciting life I lead, isn't it???)

3.  What are 5 snacks you enjoy?

1. Chips & Salsa

2. Chips & Salsa

3. Chips & Salsa

4. Chips & Salsa

5. Chips & Salsa

(Need I say more??)

What are 5 things you'd do if you were a Billionaire?

1.  Give lots of $ to LifePoint Church, to build Phase 3---The Kevin Lawyer Wing!

2.  Tell my hubby to quit that job and buy him a cool boat.

3.  Set up trust funds for my kids and set up a college fund for all of my neices & nephews.

4.  Buy a beach house.

5.  Travel and take LOTS of AWESOME vacations with my family.

What are 5 of your bad habits?

1.  Procastinating.

2.  Staying up too late.

3.  Not keeping up with the Laundry.

4.  Not always listening to my home voicemail.  (I know, that's a really bad one....sorry.)

5.  Spending too much time "doing" instead of "being."

What are 5 jobs that you've had?

1.  Lifeguard &  Swim Lesson Instructor

2.  Waitress - (Yes, I still have the 'Waitressing Nightmare' every once and awhile....I'm in "the weeds" with too many tables, I can't get to them all, I hear the people talking loudly and saying I'm the WORST waitress they've ever had...it's awful!)

3.  Bank Teller

4.  Asst. Manager at same Bank

5.  Substitute Teacher

Name 5 places where you have lived.

Sorry, I don't think I want that info out there on the great big WWW.  

But, I will tell you that I lived in the same house my entire childhood.  My parents STILL live there.  I've been married for almost 19 years and in that time we've lived in 4 houses (in 2 different states) and one apartment for the worst 4 months ever!  :)

Who are 5 people you want to tag?

1.  Jennie

2.  Amy S.

3.  Susan S.

4. Jenn H.

5.  Jen S. --- I wish you were still blogging, I'd tag you.

Anybody else who wants to give it a go.....consider yourself tagged!